We want to make the perfect ski clothing. That means it’s vital for us to bring the traditional lines of classic tailoring to meet the state-of-the-art materials and pioneering technologies. That is our mission at Mountain Force.



Performance clothing is at the vanguard of innovation. At Mountain Force, we pride ourselves on keeping pace. But in the quest for the lightest and the best in technical, we never lose sight of the fundamentals: attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. It’s this combination of creativity and craft that Mountain Force brings together in our ski clothing – and it’s what makes us unique.



Our passion for innovation underpins the style and form of everything we create. We work directly with manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology. That way, we can deliver what we find direct to the mountain – and to you.



Work completed by hand is valued at Mountain Force. This begins with pattern design. Every pattern is constructed manually, creating a prototype. Only when that prototype is perfected is the pattern digitised. A Mountain Force ski jacket consists of up to 350 individual parts, put together in up to 1,500 steps. The production of each design can take up to 12 hours to complete.



Here at Mountain Force, we want our collection to fit you perfectly. We offer an individual alteration service to shorten trouser or sleeve lengths, available at our studios in Switzerland, Austria and the USA.

Our products are designed to last for years but they are worn by active people. Whether it’s a seam tearing, a zip breaking or the edge of a ski cutting into the material, our exclusive repair service is on hand to help. Whatever the problem, we endeavour to find the best solution for you.

Contact our Customer Service department for more information on +41 41 799 80 20 or info@mountainforce.com


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Mountain Force, we take production conditions seriously. Our manufacturing partner, KTC, does too – and has an industry-wide reputation for unbeatable quality and adherence to social standards. Mountain Force meets the Fair Wear Foundation thresholds and together we work with the Fair Wear Foundation to improve working conditions across the garment industry. Mountain Force reached the highest possible performance category as “Leader”.

The FWF Brand Performance Check is an independent assessment of how each member brand is working to improve labour conditions in their supply chains.

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Fair Wear Foundation

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