Itβ€˜s as simple as we want to make the perfect ski clothing.
Ski clothing, which protects you with the highest quality from all influences of the elements, where you are following your passion. Ski clothing, which offers you maximum freedom of movement and the best comfort for your sport activities, and last but not least, ski clothing which underlines your dynamic, sporty-elegant style.



The force of the mountains inspires us – it is the heart and the origin of “mountain force”.
The brand was invented in the Swiss mountains in 2006, founded by a passionate skier who had the vision to create the most comfortable ski clothing with the best performance in the world, which serves all functional and fashionable demands.

Following this spirit we work every day to find the most lightweight and functional fabrics to be able to create a Mountain Force jacket consisting of up to 179 single cutting parts, put together in up to 726 steps and 12 hours of production time



With our know how, we process the highest quality materials, with our craftmanshiop we construct the perfect item, with our strength of innovation we find the best technical solution – and we know the people behind it who give their best day by day to do this for us, our mother company and partner KTC Limited.

KTC stands for “knowledge”, “technology” and “craft”, these values are building the base on which KTC was founded in the early 1970’s, and which up to today the guideline of the companies actions.

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From this season, all Mountain Force items proudly carry the “KTC” quality sign. Because we at Mountain Force can rely on our KTC production working at the highest technical level, which is setting the benchmark in the industry. Because we believe, that our workers are our highest capital and that they are protected by KTC as a leading member of the “Fairwear Foundation” by above-the-average social standards and fair working conditions – and because we are sure, that YOU value this in the same way we do.

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