Our passion for innovation underpins the style and form of everything we create. We work directly with manufacturers at the cutting edge of technology. That way, we can deliver what we find direct to the mountain – and to you.

12 Way Stretch

Developed in-house by Mountain Force, 12-way stretch provides a new dimension in freedom of movement and comfort. Both on and off the slopes, our innovation meets the highest demands for Alpine winter wear.

While 4-way stretch is the standard in skiwear, 12-way stretch includes flexibility in every part of the garment. Each layer, including the inner lining and insulating material, is elastic and tear-resistant while the premium quality of the padding’s flexibility is unique. Created by the Mountain Force team and a respected padding supplier, we work to improve our stretch each season.


Since the beginning, Mountain Force has combined the highest functionality and modern design to make something razor sharp. It all adds up to a formula for precision apparel on the mountain.

Quality Control

Mountain Force cares about quality. We check all our materials for defects and colour fidelity before production and monitor everything from abrasions in fabric to sizing issues. We press all of our products – a custom more likely found in traditional tailoring, but with the high standard of presentation that we appreciate. All this helps to guarantee consistent quality across the garments we deliver to you.


Work completed by hand is valued at Mountain Force. This begins with pattern design. Every pattern is constructed manually, creating a prototype. Only when that prototype is perfected is the pattern digitised. A Mountain Force ski jacket consists of up to 350 individual parts, put together in up to 1,500 steps. The production of each design can take up to 12 hours to complete.


Good quality workmanship is inherent to the culture at Mountain Force. It’s based on the longstanding experience of the workforce and is evident in the precise implementation of even the smallest details. The blend of state of the art technology and the highest manual accuracy ensures we stand out.

KTC Limited

A partnership of quality

Design is important to us, but it would be nothing without a reliable manufacturer. For over 40 years, KTC has invested deeply in exactly what the company’s initials stand for: Knowledge, Technology and Craft. By exploring the latest technologies, pioneering manufacturing methods, and forging solid partnerships with inspirational brands like us, KTC has become a byword for premium activity-specific performance apparel. We are proud to work with them. That’s why we print “Made by KTC” inside our products.

Ethical production

KTC values and looks after its employees – and we share that philosophy, recognising true innovation can only be achieved through a satisfied workforce. With an international reputation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), KTC was the first independent sportswear production company to join the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Both are internationally recognised not-for-profit organisations with a mission to improve working conditions in the garment industry. KTC operates an open factory policy and publicises its audit reports on the website, at

Fair Wear Foundation

At Mountain Force, we take production conditions seriously. Our manufacturing partner, KTC, does too – and has an industry-wide reputation for for unbeatable quality and adherence to social standards. Together, we work with the Fair Wear Foundation to improvement working conditions across the garment industry. In fact, Mountain Force was recently named one of the “leading members” of the Foundation, thanks to our constant commitment to better production conditions. We can’t say fairer than that.